"Queen of Fruits", the exotic Mangosteen fruit is famous for being both exquisitely luscious and delicious, and for its medicinal value.

What’s best about this amazing fruit is its health benefits. Garcinia mangostana contains antioxidants and xanthones that fight disease, bacteria, inflammation and fungi.  Although it hasn’t been medically proven yet there are reports the xanthones protect your heart and lower blood pressure.  They are anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-aging. Each type of xanthone is believed to have special effects on the body. What makes the mangosteen more remarkable is that there are only two hundred known xanthones in nature and since the mangosteen has over forty of them, this makes it the most xanthone rich product in the world.

The subsurface chemistry of the mangosteen exocarp comprises an array of polyphenolic acids including xanthones and tannins that assure astringency which discourages infestation by insects, fungi, plant viruses, bacteria and animal predation.

Average seasonal yield of a full grown tree is about 500 fruits.  At the prime age for a fruiting tree of about 20 to 45 years old one tree alone can yield 1,000 - 3,000 fruits per season.  After the age of 45 years old, trees slowly diminish their supplies, still producing fruits beyond 100 years of age.

Part I….you outright buy the land from us. You own it. It’s yours. Titled, inscribed with the National registry. It’s yours. The terms we have put together should open the door for anyone interested in having a foot in CR….$ 7,000  down and  $ 550 / month, interest free, for 5 years. Total price of $ 40,000 USD. That’s a good price for a lot in Costa Rica.

Part II of this offer….on your land we will plant 20 Mangosteen trees. …your investment will include
1. the land to plant your trees
2. 20 trees planted
3. maintenance on the land and trees
4. harvesting of the fruit
5. sale of the fruit at the market.
The average yield on Mangosteens is 500 fruits per tree (but as you will read from the ages of 20 - 45 years these trees have been known to produce 1000-3000 fruits per tree) …at today’s wholesale market they are selling at $ 1.25 per fruit…..
20 trees x only 500 fruits will yield apx. 10,000 fruits….figuring on a value of $ 1.25 per fruit you would be looking at $ 12,500 per harvest….this will be split 50% to you and 50% to us….that is a return of $ 6,250 yearly on your land investment…and it never stops if you don’t want it to. At funding you will receive a contract with us for a 10 year commitment. At the end of the 10 years  if you don’t want to continue, or if you want to do something else with the land, it will be yours free and clear.
OK, that is the upside…..here is the other side. Mangosteen trees take 5 years to harvest. So for the first 5 years there are no returns, but again after that time you will be looking at a return of $ 6,250 + a year forever. Coincidentally, the 5 year growing time corresponds exactly to the 5 year payoff on the land….after that you have 5 years more on the 10 year contract with us….5 years @ $ 6,250 / year = $ 31,250….just about a break even on what you paid for the lot and now you can just sit back and count your earning.